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Renaissance Review – Renaissance School of the Arts, Suffolk, Virginia

Renaissance Review Blog

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Spotlight of Mark Fitzgerald

INTERVIEW WITH MUSIC TEACHER, MARK FITZGERALD How old were you when you first picked up a musical instrument? I started in the school band in fourth grade. Snare drum. My older brother had also...

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Photo Booth

  This past Thursday, the Yearbook Class ran a Photo Booth Fundraiser as a new way to help offset the cost of the yearbook. The way it worked was as follows: Each participant paid $1...

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My First Dance

  This year, I went to my first dance ever and it was amazing. This year, the RSA 2016 Teen Dance theme was ‘Starry Night’. Before the dance started, everyone lined up for their picture...

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Starry Night

  Each year Renaissance School of the Arts holds a teen dance to allow its homeschooling students the opportunity to participate in a school dance experience. This year’s dance had the theme Starry Night and...

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List of Traditions by Cathryn

Every year at Christmas time, me and my family go to Norfolk to drive through the lights. We also go to Christmas Town at Busch Gardens. The weekend before Christmas, me and my dad’s...

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Our Christmas Traditions by Phoebe

My family doesn’t really have Christmas traditions, not in the normal sense, because traditions are generally planned out, they’re something that you intend to do each year. The tradition that my family has around...

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Thanksgiving by Cathryn

For Thanksgiving each year, me and my family go to Indiana. We have a bunch of family there and we stay at my great grandmother’s house. We usually stay for about a week. On...

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Food Feast by Cathryn

On a bitter morning, Alice Brailey woke up quite early to start baking. She got out of bed and stepped straight into her festive bathroom to brush her teeth and comb her hair. Alice,...

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Spotlight on Norma Andes, RSA Director

Norma Andes, Director of Renaissance School of the Arts, co-founded RSA with Gail Barker over 12 years ago. I sat down with Norma to discuss her original goals, her current hopes, and what she...

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Don’t Miss RSA’s 1st Art Show

This Saturday, November 14th, the Renaissance School of the Arts is hosting its 1st Art Show. The Art Show, organized by Kim Ellis, RSA art teacher, will run from 6:30-8:30 pm at St. Andrew Presbyterian...